Thursday, June 13, 2013

About Us

Our story
Munchkin Bakery was established in 2008 & has revolved around a traditional route sales model. Munchkin bakery delivers their products on a daily/weekly basis to customers such as restaurants, schools, hotels and wholesalers who provide baked goods to their customer segments. Over a year, Munchkin Bakery has been developing its wholesale business well beyond traditional route sales.
Munchkin Bakery has a unique position within the baked goods industry. While the industry is comprised of thousands of bakeries, regional and national buyers have generally had to buy their goods from large scale producers.
Many customers recognize the value of having signature products that are unique to their offering. However, large scale producers have a difficult time creating custom products because they require a significant level of volume to offset production of other products.
In essence, many of the large national/regional bakers are commodity providers, producing the same product to be used by multiple customers. Consequently, Munchkin Bakery is providing the marketplace with a custom product that can be produced in runs smaller than those required by the typical national/regional producer.

Ingredients to success for this growing business were in our great recipes of tastes and varieties of our product like cakes and breads. Patients, dedications, hard works, creativity, warmth and team work are the strongest bond and work force for our 20 staffs to strive and achieved our greatest skills thus, bringing out the best bakery’s for their customers from all around the city.

We welcome our customer to Munchkin Bakery to taste our varieties of beautifully designed and baked bakery. We sincerely hope that all our customers are happy with our products and enjoyed our treats at the shop. To our most valuable customers, your supports and presence is highly appreciated.

  • Our mission is to expand the business coverage to international market in year 2020.
  • We commit to improve satisfaction to our beloved customer. Our commitments are upgrading the products quality and service as well as innovative of bakery.


“Munchkin Bakery adapts to five values that are in the core of everything we do. These values serve as the essential inspiration to our daily bakery production and services from top to bottom instead of a rigid business model."

All of our products are handmade with delicacy that combines our love and passion for bakery that leads to the highest quality of all our products and services.

Hundreds of our recipes are derive from; not only the recipes used hundreds and in some cases thousands of years ago, we are proud to bring you flavors and tastes of “modern meets tradition”.

First bite can be deceiving, but the deception ends with the after taste. We use only the highest quality of natural ingredients and we strive to keep away from any chemicals and additives.
“Everyone is treated with genuine respect and care.” We recognize the importance of having a friendly and lively working environment and we realize that it shouldn't be created artificially. Being on our staff is like being a part of a family.

We have taken steps towards providing our services in the most courteous and friendliest ways to make sure they walk-out with satisfaction and a smile on their face.

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